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Our Processes

A glimpse of our innovative processes, aimed at providing the best quality finishes for our clients


We believe in having the latest and greatest in metal finishing tools and robots are, undoubtedly, on the cutting edge. The maneuverability of these robots allows us to polish and buff parts that are notably intricate or heavy in a single pass.


PLC Based Automated Buffing Machines

This computer driven automated buffing machine is a cutting edge machine used at Blough Inc. The maneuverable buffing heads allow us to intricately buff a part with a varied surface.


Automatic Buffing Equipment

This process shows one of our automated buffing machines. We design a fixture around the customer’s part and it runs through numerous buffing heads for an unbelievable shine.


Aqueous Cleaning/Washing

Our parts-washing machine allows us to remove buffing dirt or any other unwanted substances acquired on our customers’ parts before or after we process them.


Hand Finishing

Sometimes the best way to finish a part is to apply some good old-fashioned elbow grease. We employ several hand-finishing technicians at Blough, Inc. whose experience out dates much of our competitors.

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