​Our Mission Statement: Providing high-quality value-added finishing processes for multiple industries.​

Blough inc. has been in operation for 58 years and was founded by Arthur J. Blough. His guiding principle was High quality metal finishing. His innovation, best practice measures, with a heavy emphasis on quality and production efficiency remain in practice to this day. In the late 60's early 70's Blough Inc. worked primarily with decorative plumbing. Known for its high quality standards. This focus on quality carried Blough inc. into the motorcycle, automotive industries and beyond as we have continued to grow. 


 Blough inc. is a premier mid-west metal finishing source, but our reach is both national and international for major industries. We work with multiple different substrate materials such as, Zinc, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Cold rolled steel, Brass and copper components to name a few.

Our finishes include, Satin and brush, Polish/Deburr, Polish for paint prep. Buff for cosmetic, Bright buff and Buffing for copper/nickel/Chrome prep, All to meet the customers quality and cosmetic standards. 


We service various industries such as: Aerospace, Automotive, Motorcycle, Medical device, appliances, Hardware, Gaming and Decorative Plumbing.

Blough Inc.

Our Team

Sean P. Larkin


Jeff Sisson

D.o. Sales PM

Julia Bennet

Finance & Accounting

Nick Alberts

Operations Manager

Kaylee Bloem

Human Resources


  • 50,000 Square Foot Facility

  • 14,000 Square Foot Offsite Location

  • 16 Automated Finishing Machines

  • Light Assembly

  • 3 Five-Axis Robots

  • Multiple Shifts Available

  • Over 80 Hand Finishing Stations

  • Trucking/Delivery

  • Custom design tooling, Fixturing & Part-Specific Processes

  • High Volume Parts Washer


  • On-Time Delivery

  • Quality Systems

  • Value Stream Management

  • Poke-Yoke Process Design

  • High/Low Volume Production Capabilities

  • Confidentiality

  • Innovative Processes

  • Customer Support Staff


  • Inventory Management

  • Quality Management

  • Subject Matter Experts

  • Over 50+ Years of Metal Finishing

  • Experience in Multiple Industries

Blough Inc.

9885 Centerline Rd, Lowell, Ionia
Michigan 49331

616 897 8407

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